Field Tiles

Craft, with flying colors.

Field Tiles is a design studio that creates hand-forged tiles, in head-turning colors. Where designs are timeless. Craftsmanship is celebrated. And handmade tiles can finally take their rightful place in the limelight.

Field Tiles was launched in 2018 to democratize interior design. From the style-confident home renovator to the consummate design professional, Field Tiles offers the kind of insider knowledge and resources that can take decades to develop.

We partner with sustainably-focused factories around the world, celebrating the beauty of handcrafted materials – and the hands that make them, too. Plus, our high-quality products come with the best pricing and lead times, an intuitive ordering platform, and great customer service.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen backsplash in a subtle Sophisticated Grey, or you’re going all out on a commercial dining room full of Crème Caramel, Frozen Margarita and Lemon Tart – welcome to a whole new era of tiles.

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