Field Tiles

Field Tiles’ studio philosophy is rooted in celebrating the beauty of ceramic tile basics and sharing this passion with other like-minded designers and enthusiasts.

Our Story

In 2018, Alex Bertman founded Field Tiles, an online ceramic tile store and design studio. The goal was to partner with factories to help them promote their product in a way that highlighted the beauty and craft of tile-making. As a partner, Field Tiles crafts brand stories that focus on the human element of the product.

And that’s what we did in our first collection, the HM01 (Handmade 01). Our partner factory in Portugal is owned by a woman with a history in the design world of Lisbon and has an incredible respect for ceramics and traditional tile making.

We offer over 100 colors in 16 standard formats, and our brand embrace’s technology to provide the best possible customer experience.  While the tile industry remains relatively traditional, with a “more is more” philosophy in terms of product to market, our offering is deliberately and purposefully limited.  From our digital showroom to advanced shipping and planning, we are proud to offer our clients the easiest way to shop for tiles.

Our Products

Field Tiles’ debut collection, HM01 (Handmade 01), is handmade in Portugal, and honors the country’s rich tradition of tile making. Made from natural clays, the HM01 collection is characterized by countless hues, unique nuances and particular shading details. No two pieces are exactly alike in both design and dimension, and quite often, not perfectly flat. The irregular edges, corrugated surfaces, and small imperfections create the character that makes each piece unique.  Our clay materials are sustainably made, and our partner factories work to reduce their impact on the environment by reclaiming clay to be put back into new clay bodies.

Made with respect to craft and heritage, Field Tiles add a sense of depth and time to each space where they are installed.

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