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Field Tiles

Field Tiles is a design studio that creates handmade tiles, in head-turning colors. Where designs are timeless. Craftsmanship is celebrated. And handmade tiles can finally take their rightful place in the limelight.

Materials are celebrated

Tiles have done their time in the shadows. They’re no longer happy to play the boring, practical second fiddle. Instead, our tiles are designed with the sole purpose of owning any space you can possibly imagine putting them.

Sourcing made easy

Normally, we’re not in the business of cutting corners. But when it comes to shipping, we’re willing to make an exception. When you buy from Field Tiles, there’s no middleperson slowing things down.

For designers, by designers

Field Tiles was launched to democratize interior design. From the style-confident home renovator to the consummate design professional, Field Tiles offers the kind of insider knowledge and resources that can take decades to develop.

Sustainable in practice

While our tiles are deliberately designed to leave a lasting impression, they’re also made to leave as small a mark as possible on the environment. Because we’re committed to reducing waste, we’ve made sure all of our factories incorporate recycling at each stage of the production process.