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Ceramic Tiles Supplier for Hospitality Settings

Here at Field Tiles, we want to help you tackle your next hospitality project with our commercial and high-usage tiles suitable for any application.

When visitors browse our Field Tiles website, they’re struck by our uniquely focused product line, which is deliberately narrow.

“We cater to discerning interior designers and hoteliers who are seeking an aesthetically stunning product that is functional and affordable,” states founder and owner-operator, Alex Bertman.

For a host of hospitality projects – whether installing tiles in guestroom bathrooms or renovating public spaces of 5 star luxury boutique hotel lobby – Field Tiles is where serious design instincts meet no-nonsense business sensibility.

“I often think about decision fatigue, or the cognitive difficulty of making a choice when faced with too many options. Field Tiles product line is purposeful, with every tile color, glaze, and finish carefully curated,” continues Bertman.

Focused Products for Focused Projects

Field Tiles specific offering makes us a popular partner for hospitality work, striking a chord among designers and contractors of large-scale projects whose goals are straightforward: Hospitality-grade tiles that are of beautiful quality and craft, arrive on time, and are within budget. Our operations are fixed around meeting these parameters.

Field Tiles excels in ceramic tile basics, sourced from around the world, and offered in a variety of finishes and formats.  Applications include interior and exterior use for floors, walls, freezing and wet areas, kitchens, bathrooms, high-usage, facades, swimming pools, and more.

Field Tiles offers a trade program for design professionals in the hospitality industry. This service provides you with several benefits:

Trade Pricing

Enjoy discounted trade prices on ceramic tiles for hospitality projects, giving you a better return on your investment.

Custom Products

Our factories specialize in customizing our handmade ceramic tiles. We can create unique glazes, shapes, sizes, and patterns to meet your design specifications.

Design Assistance

Our design team is happy to guide you regarding pattern layouts and styles, helping you achieve your envisioned design.

Free Samples

Receive up to 5 free tile samples to help you choose the best one for your hotel or restaurant project. Sample sets are also available at discounted trade rates.

Interested? Apply for our trade program today.

Juxtaposition Can Be a Beautiful Thing

Our old school business values of quality products may seem to contrast against our cutting-edge e-commerce showroom, but it’s a happy marriage of timeless and modern. Not just interior designers, but also contractors and developers can enroll in Field Tiles’ free Trade Program, where you can browse products and order samples. Online ordering is made simple and accommodates large orders and both short and accelerated lead times – as little as 3-6 weeks (just ask!)

Partner with Field Tiles to handle your ceramic tile needs on your next hospitality project.

Your Go-To Marketplace for Ceramic Tiles

Field Tiles is your trusted supplier of ceramic tile basics for hospitality settings. We understand the demands of your industry, providing you with durable, customizable ceramic tiles that meet both function and aesthetic requirements.

Form and Function Meets Aesthetics

In the hospitality industry, ambience and environment are critical influencers of the customer experience. The challenge is to balance aesthetics, safety, durability, and regulatory requirements when designing your space.

Ceramic tiles enhance the interior and exterior spaces of hotels and restaurants. The material is easily modified into different finishes and styles, with the ability to customize according to your design. The tiles are durable as well, perfect for high-traffic rooms like lobbies, cafes, and display kitchens.

Hotels and restaurants also benefit from the antibacterial, stain- and scratch-resistant properties of ceramic tiles. These make maintenance easier, prolonging the lifetime of your floors, walls, and other surfaces.

Field Tiles carries a well-curated selection of handmade ceramic tiles for hospitality settings. Our high-quality ceramic tiles help hotels and restaurants balance function and aesthetics, improving the guest experience.

Contact our customer service today for inquiries and orders.