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Sample Sets

Looking to upgrade your sample library?  Check out our sample sets to easily order all of our color options in one package.

Individual samples can be ordered as needed from our colors page.


Collection: HM01
Quantity: 69 Samples
Finish: (B) (S) Gloss
Cost: $249.00


Featuring our gloss solid, craquele, transparent, and high fire glazes from the entire color spectrum.

View all gloss colors here.

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Collection: HM01
Quantity: 21 Samples
Finish: (M) Matte
Cost: $89.00

Perfectly Matte finishes in greys, browns, blacks, blues, reds, pinks and whites.

View all matte colors here.

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Collection: HM01
Quantity: 8 Samples
Finish: (V) Metallic
Cost: $59.00

Rich tones in nickel, copper, bronze, mica, pearl, and gold.

View all metallic colors here.

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Collection: HM01
Quantity: 15 Samples
Finish: (X) Oxide
Cost: $75.00

Truly one of a kind, oxide explosion finishes celebrate each tile’s unique character for a surprisingly sophisticated install.

View all oxide colors here.

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Full Set

Collection: HM01
Quantity: 113 Samples
Finish: (B) (S) (M) (V) (X)
Cost: $449.00

Our entire collection, perfectly organized for your sample library and ready to wow at your client presentations.

View all colors here.

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Collection: HM01
Quantity: 16
Cost: $79.00

Reference our 16 standard formats, available in any finish.

View all formats here.

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